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When you commute regularly on the same bus you familiarise yourself with those that travel by you and every bus will have a set of personalities that makes the commute more colourful.

  1. The Jabbering Jenny: This is that aunty who thinks she knows everyone on the bus. And if you happen to get a seat next to her she is going to assume you’re the daughter of someone she knows and whether you are or not she will make sure to your family history before alighting.

  2. The Nitpicker: That aunty who only has time to complain. She gets into a bus during peak hour and complains about the crowd, the sudden brakes, the women who don’t give up their seat for her, the heat and anything else that displeases her in the bus.

  3. The Grapevine Queen: Boy does she know everyone and everything that’s going on in the locality. She is well connected and just waiting for someone to lend an ear to listen to everything she has to dish.

  4. The leaning tower: Whether the bus is crowded or not, you can rest assured that this leaning tower will have half her body leaning on you forcing you to move forward on the seat, so much so that it turns your comfortable ride to an uncomfortable one.

  5. The boisterous one: She is everyone’s pal. She will be howling out hellos from the front of the bus to the back.

  6. The Refuser: There will always be that one seated passenger in the crowded bus who will refuse to hold any bags. They see the bag coming their way and an alarm goes off in their head “danger, danger, dangerous object approaching” and they will either push it away or just blatantly say ” no, I will not take it. “

And last but not the least we have
7. The Preacher: This is that person who wants to bring you closer to God. They preach to cleanse your soul or to give you advice on how to attain enlightenment. Their faith is so strong that your sleep and tiredness will not deter them from their task of enlightening and saving your soul.

The absence of these people would be very much noticed, which would make for a topic of conversation the next day and the cycle would continue.

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Mischelle Tressa Denniz
Mischelle Tressa Denniz
Mischelle Tressa Denniz was born in 1989 on the 6th of December to Bernardine Avril Denniz and R.M Denniz. She completed her schooling and graduation in Commerce in Bahrain and has worked in Bahrain, India and the UAE.
As she always had a passion for working in Media, in the latter part of her twenties she decided to leave her job and is currently pursuing her PG Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising at the Kerala Media Academy.

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