Mischelle Tressa Denniz

Mischelle Tressa Denniz
Mischelle Tressa Denniz was born in 1989 on the 6th of December to Bernardine Avril Denniz and R.M Denniz. She completed her schooling and graduation in Commerce in Bahrain and has worked in Bahrain, India and the UAE.
As she always had a passion for working in Media, in the latter part of her twenties she decided to leave her job and is currently pursuing her PG Diploma in Public Relations and Advertising at the Kerala Media Academy.


Every job has its hazards and as such being a woman comes with its hazards. The most common hazards we as woman face is unsolicited images, messages, organ flashes, the catcalling, etc. the list just goes on. So how do you deal with these situations? Every job has its hazards...


When you commute regularly on the same bus you familiarise yourself with those that travel by you and every bus will have a set of personalities that makes the commute more colourful. The Jabbering Jenny: This is that aunty who thinks she knows everyone on the bus. And if you...


They say that beauty is subjective, but Indian society runs on the idea of an influenced opinion. An opinion that has been influenced by industry to make profits. Men are expected to be fair, have a full head of hair and be of medium built and women are expected to...