Jeff Jarvis

Jeff Jarvis
Jeff Jarvis is an American journalist, professor, public speaker and former television critic. He advocates the Open Web and argues that there are many social and personal benefits to living a more public life on the internet.
Jarvis began his career in journalism in 1972 writing for the Addison Herald-Register, a local weekly newspaper at which he was the sole journalist. In 1974 Jarvis was an undergraduate in the Medill School of Journalism at Northwestern University when he was hired by the Chicago Tribune.
In the mid-1980s Jarvis worked as a television critic for TV Guide and People magazines.Jarvis is former Sunday editor and associate publisher of the New York Daily News and a former columnist for the San Francisco Examiner. He was president and creative director of Advance Internet—the online arm of Advance Publications—until 2005. He has consulted for numerous other media companies.
Jarvis is the creator of the popular weblog BuzzMachine, which tracks developments in new media and chronicles some of the author's personal obsessions, such as the fortunes of radio host Howard Stern. He gained national notoriety when he wrote about his negative experiences in dealing with Dell Computer's customer support system on the website.
Along with Leo Laporte, Jarvis is a co-host on This Week in Google, a live-streamed podcast show on the TWiT Network which covers Google and cloud computing.


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